web1Rental 1.2mm 110” full HD foldable & plug & play ledwall


110” plug & play ledwall to be used instead of any large format display but providing with all led technology advantages

QS-TECH M-WALL 110” 1.2mm posee un sistema plegable para facilitar el transporte

QS-TECH M-WALL 110” 1.2mm

    • Pixel pitch: 1.2mm
    • Led type: SMD
    • For indoor use applications
    • Screen dimensions: 110” (245 x 143 cms)
    • Screen dimensions (folded): 122 x 143 cms
    • Motorised mobile stand
    • Foldable system to make transportation easy
    • Plug & play: plug, turn screen on & select input source
    • Wireless screen mirroring of any device susch as Tablet, smartphone, PC, desktop, etc.
    • Weight: 230 Kgs

Attachments to download (PDF):

permite utilizarse en sustitución de cualquier monitor de gran formato