Mount & stand for digital whiteboard PI BOOM

Soporte para pizarra digital PI-BOOM

The Mount & stand for digital whiteboard PI BOOM is a short throw projector wall mount with telescopic adjustment between 65 and 125 cms compatible with any IWB wall mount or mobile stand (PIP MOT and PIF MOT); light aluminium structure; universal solution for any brand and model of short throw projector.



Mount & stand for digital whiteboard PI-BOOM

  • Light aluminium structure
  • Telescopic adjustment: 65-125 cms
  • Elegant design
  • Tilt adjustment: +/- 42º
  • Rotation adjustment: 360º
  • Maximum load capacity: 12 Kgs
  • Internal cable management
  • Height adjustment: 48 cms
  • Compatible with any IWB wall mount or mobile stand: PIP MOT and PIF MOT