Mount & stand for digital whiteboard PIF MOT PLATE

The Mount & stand for digital whiteboard PIF MOT PLATE is a motorised mobile stand for IWB & ultra short throw lense projector with 450 mm electrical height adjustment and universal plate for ultra short throw projector (compatible with projector wall mounts supplied by projector manufacturers); universal stand that is compatible with any brand and model of IWB and ultra short throw projector; portable and easy to move between rooms; clearance between the wheels of the floor base allows an easy wheelchair access.


Mount & stand for digital whiteboard PIF MOT PLATE

  • Universal solution for any size of board (between 113 and 155 cms high IWBs)
  • Easy transportation from one room to another (even below 2 meter high doors)
  • Motorised height adjustment: 450 mm
  • Universal plate that allows to fix any ultra short throw projector wall mount supplied by projector manufacturer
  • Projector boom rotation to go under doors
  • Functional floor base enables the user to get close to the whiteboard easily (even wheelchair users)
  • Remote control with built in security switch for avoiding accidents
  • Two versions available:
Version Distance between floor and IWB bottom part
Low position High position
Standard 23 cms. 68 cms.
Long (1st position)

Long (2nd position)

33 cms.

45 cms.

78 cms.

90 cms.




Display heights:

Alturas del PIF MOT PLATE

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